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Get in sync with storytelling

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Late one evening, I chanced upon a WhatsApp invite from the ‘spiritual teacher’ (let’s call her Sunshine) of a close friend. I had got Sunshine’s number a few months ago when my son wanted to learn a little something about Reiki. I had a half hour chat with her and went back to my busy life. I did not know at that time the role sunshine would play in my story.

This week I am drawn to the idea of synchronicity. The concept of seeing the trail of breadcrumbs that the universe is leaving. So easy to miss them and allow the ants a feast. But in my story, this week, I was paying attention. I found so many crumbs, I have been able to assemble a full loaf of bread.

I sit down to write a story about a nail biting drama. Filled with intrigue and suspense.
I sit down to write a story about a comedy. Filled with light moments and laughter.
I sit down to write a love story. Filled with ups and downs but at its core the undying love of soulmates.
I sit down to write a scary story. Filled with moments designed to bring terror alive.

The intent with which I sit down to write the story scripts the characters of my life. In fact it scripts my life. Do I see it as a drama? Do I see it as a comedy? Do I see it as a love story or a scary story? Maybe different chapters have some elements of all. Not to forget the song and dance that must be interspersed to keep it interesting.

A coaching session last week that ended on the topic of the power of storytelling. A supervision and mentoring session that was full of sharing stories and experiences that brought to me a book called ‘The Journey’. A book reading zoom call with over 50 strangers filled me with positivity. These are a few of the beautiful things that brought me to the story of synchronicity.

To all the people and experiences that brought me to this awareness. Thank you. If life is just a story we tell ourselves, I turned the page this week on synchronicity. That beautiful kaleidoscope, the unseen hand that turns the looking glass and how beautifully things fall into place. Patterns shift. New designs emerge. Each more beautiful than the next.

This is where Sunshine enters my life again. It was a wonderful world she invited me to come and explore through a simple WhatsApp message, informing me about a book reading session. I spent an hour connecting with and enjoying the warmth and wisdom of over 50 people who I did not know. Sharing their life experiences and what joy and success meant to them. It was an inspiring and enriching 60 minutes of screen time. It arrived in my life unannounced and unplanned. And yet it was like that elusive piece in a jigsaw puzzle. The one I could just not find and then after so much trying the one I least expected to complete the picture, just appeared in my hand. As sunshine messaged me when I thanked her later “what a joy for us. It all happens when the moment is right”.

This was just one small example of the power of synchronicity that I had the joy of experiencing. Note to myself. Follow the breadcrumbs, stay open to new experiences and the sun will shine. So that is the story through which I chose to view the world this week. The universe conspires to deliver what you ask of it. Choose your story and enjoy the ride or should I say read… get in sync with your story.

Originally published in Reputation Today on September 15th, 2020, as part of my weekly column #LeftBrainRightBrain

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