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Get in sync with storytelling

Late one evening, I chanced upon a WhatsApp invite from the ‘spiritual teacher’ (let’s call her Sunshine) of a close friend. I had got Sunshine’s number a few months ago when my son wanted to learn a little something about Reiki. I had a half hour chat with her and went back to my busy life. I did not know at that time the role sunshine would play in my story. This week I am drawn to the idea of synchronicity. The concept of seeing the trail of breadcrumbs that the universe i

Transcripts and trips down memory lane

I am not sure why, but I have been dilly-dallying about recording and transcribing my coaching sessions. It’s one of those things that I keep saying to myself “I will do it next week after I finish abc”. And the next week, I found a new excuse that sounded plausible and convincing. The weeks turned into months. Session after session of coaching happened and no recording to show for it. I knew I had one hidden somewhere on a hard drive. Way back in November of last year, on th

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