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Nice is not easy.

Like we are realising (a bit too late though) the need to tread lightly on the earth, we need to tread lightly on each other too.

Protect the environment will soon take on new meaning. It will include the environment we create around us based in how we interact with people. I believe, treating others with courtesy, respect and kindness, will soon become mainstream movements. Like there are groups trying to leave a more eco friendly footprint on the earth, there will be a movement that helps us be nicer to each other. Kindness. Generosity. Giving. These will be what success will be all about.

In our effort to make the planet a better place there are movements that are gathering momentum. Carbon neutral. Minimalism. Veganism. From the fringe, these are becoming mainstream. I read about the Palau pledge and found it fascinating. (The First Nation on earth to only issue visas to tourists who sign an eco pledge.) These examples and many more are all signs that we are heading in a nice direction.

I am hopeful that we will soon reach the tipping point where bad behaviour in any place, work or home will not be tolerated. Our daily engagement with each other and how to move it from fight to flow will be the new environment that we are collectively trying to protect.

I see a change coming. A realisation is dawning that we each need to do our bit to solve environment problems like global warming and depleting natural resources. We are soon also going to realise the power and potential of being nice. We are going to realise how much damage we are doing to each other by not being mindful of how we engage. Trolling on twitter. Yelling in the office. Rage on the road. No place for nice if you have to survive? I think the opposite, “no hope of thriving unless you find a nice environment to grow and flourish.”

#FitInStandOut in the garden of life is an outstanding idea. It encourages angularity but the corners don’t have to hurt anybody. A touch pad needs to be sensitive. But a case needs to be hardy. Developing different capacities and finding a way to package them together, into something elegant and user friendly is what our journey in life should be about. Nice and easy, does it.

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