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What I do & Why I do it

As I look back on my life and the path that I have followed, I find myself racing down some roads again and again. Full of positive energy and enthusiasm. Doing my best work. Knowing that I am being my best self. Sharing that positive energy with others.

Unlocking Value.

This is my signature theme. 

I help people, brands, and organisations unlock value by connecting the dots, to create a way forward.

I am a catalyst to them being their best selves.

The communicator and coach in me are driven by this signature theme. 

My favourite definition of public relations sums up a career of over 20 years dedicated to living this. “PR is doing good and then getting credit for it”. I have always believed that a communications leader needs to be an ‘Author of action’ and then the driver of sharing the story of that positive action. This has been my effort. To help every client or company that I have served be their best self as a brand or as an organisation.

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Two worlds that connect - Communication & Coaching

The word Communication – has action hidden within it. This is the real work, to get a person, brand, or company to take the right action, to act in a way that is congruent with their values and purpose. Then to shine the light of storytelling on that action has always been the way I have practiced public relations.

Similarly, as a coach working with individuals, I am committed to helping every person be their best self. Unlocking value that is in alignment with the person's values is where the magic lies. 

The Coaching journey at soul2sole always begins with defining who that self is. Arriving at a clear and compelling articulation of ‘My Life’s Purpose is….. “ and then building the ‘Human being’ and ‘human doing’ around that core

This is in many ways similar to the work I have done with brands or companies. Crafting communications campaigns that are in alignment with a Mission and Vision statement. Followed by messaging and then creating stories that align with that purpose, told in a way that is relevant and resonant with the audience. Finding interesting and compelling ways to create an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders is then the easy part of the journey. 

Even in the arena of crisis management and crisis preparedness this theme of helping a brand navigate through turbulent times and emerging stronger on the other side has been an area that I have done a lot of work in. 

Similarly, as a corporate trainer specialized in delivering media training, message development, and storytelling workshops, this effort to get people to unlock their potential and be their best selves holds true. Teaching across several institutes over the last 20 years, both as a guest lecture and also a faculty delivering courses is another way that this signature theme has manifested.

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My AEIOU Approach

I like to get a feel of the person behind the professional. If you feel the same need to get to know a bit about me, before you decide to connect, take a peep into my world.

In this video, I share my personal experiences on how I deal with uncertainty.

It will also give you a flavour of who I am and what I care about.

About Me: Video

How I became a Coach

The universe Conspired. It was meant to be...

Sitting in my lazy boy chair late one night in August of 2019, I reached out to a few well-wishers, with a simple ask for help. I was considering enrolling in a course to learn how to become a Coach. I asked them if it was a good idea and if yes, to advise me on some of the options available. The universe spoke to me. Within hours of my sending our those messages, all the signposts pointed me to one road. It was incredible, three different people all brought me to the same doorstep and the next morning I paid the fee and enrolled in program that has been transformational. 

What an incredible journey inwards it has been. I have loved every minute of the learning. The study. The self-reflection and the actual work of coaching.

I have had access to professional Coaches for many years now and am grateful for all the support that I have received from them. I continue to work with a Coach on an ongoing basis.

About Me: Welcome

A Bit More About Me

Trusted Communications & Coaching Professional

Family - is at the core of me

Nature - is where I recharge

Tennis - is a happy place 

Dogs - are simply the best, this little beauty is called Cookie and she is a rescue who rescued me.

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