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I am a 'Thought Worker'

and  'identity whisperer'

I am part of a tribe I like to refer to as “thought workers”. We have for a long while now operated in the knowledge economy. Many have all the skills and knowledge in the world but have lost their way. They are not sure where to go next. Others have reached a plateau and want to find the next mountains to climb.

This is where a thought worker comes into the picture.

As a Coach, I help people find a safe space to connect with their thoughts, clarify their thoughts, refine them and then when they are ready, act on them.

Connecting people back onto the path they are meant to be on and catalysing the change that allows them to take the actions that are calling them is my calling.

Together, we  move forward. 

A big part of being a thought worker is wrapped up in the idea of being an identity and idea whisperer.

I help people identify what matters most to them. What they deeply care about. Who they are, what their essence is.

And then co-create the identity they want to evolve towards, enabling them to open up to new ideas of what the future holds for them. Sometimes reconnect them with who they were. Sometimes find a magnificent new dimension that is waiting to be discovered. 

The identity was always there. It has to be seen in the right light for it to sparkle and shine. When this happens thoughts are in alignment with knowledge and skills and the path ahead is clear. New ideas emerge and shine forth. 

Come join me for an exploration of "what next?".

Get in touch with your true self and explore the world, comfortable in your identity and excited about your "what next?". 

Working With Me: Welcome
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