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When flying “Coach Class” was better than business as usual…

“We do not see the world the way it is. We see it according to our instruments.”

Late on a Saturday evening, in August of 2019, I sent out some messages to well-wishers asking for advice. And the universe responded. Within the hour I had all of them pointing me in the same direction. A course called ‘Coach for Life’, hosted by Peter Reding ( brought to India by

And just like that, I found myself back in the classroom, to study something new, after 23 years. It truly was a ‘back to source’ experience. New friends. New experiences. New Tools. New perspectives. New instruments if you will, that ever so gently have helped me see the world afresh. It’s a nicer place. A happier place. A place filled with hope and positivity. So many possibilities.

What was unique and new about this experience ? Many, many, things but above all else, I would say there was one thing that stood out.

No negative feedback. Criticism, shiticism be damned. Welcome to the wonderful, the awesome, the amazing, the beautiful, the spectacular, the brilliant... Woo Hoo!

I along with everyone else, only focussed on what we did well. Not one word of criticism passed from my lips. None given. None received. And the beautiful part of this, I was painfully and acutely aware of when and where I was falling short. Nobody needed to tells me what I was doing wrong. I knew.

By focusing on all that was awesome, I learnt. My confidence grew. My energy levels were high. I wanted to do better. To do more. To keep going.

(Perspective changes everything, as this picture illustrates)

I wanted more instruments to navigate this beautiful world of ours. In this “Coach Class” I found them in abundance. Peter Reding is an instrument of hope. His body of work has helped me see the world afresh. The journey of life continues. As a communications professional. As a person. I have new instruments with which to navigate and there is so much more to explore and share. Woo Hoo…!!!

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